Renewing your plates by credit card

  1. Login to MySGI.
  2. Click My Vehicles on the top bar, and then click Renew my registration under the Transactions header.

  3. Click the radio button next to the plate of the vehicle that you would like to renew. Click Submit to begin renewing the vehicle.
  4. Review the vehicle information and ensure the right vehicle has been selected. If so, click the checkbox next to "I confirm my registration and vehicle information is correct. If a change is required to the registration or vehicle information, please visit a motor licence issuer." If necessary, confirm that the plate you are renewing is still in your position by clicking the "Yes" radio button under Plate Status. Fill out the registration eligibility questions and click Continue.
  5. Your eligibility responses will be shown to you. Review them and ensure you have answered the questions correctly. If you wish to change your responses, click Back, otherwise click Next.
  6. You will now be brought to the fees screen. To register for a standard term, select Annual/Short Term. To register for a custom duration term, select Custom. If you are registering for a standard term, use the radio buttons in the fee schedule to select your term. If selecting a custom term, enter only one of the following: length in days, desired expiry date, or a dollar amount. Click Add to Cart. You will be taken to the cart.
  7. If you are ready to pay, click the Proceed to Checkout button.
  8. Fill out your credit card information and click Submit Payment.
  9. A confirmation screen will appear. If the payment was successful, click Return to MySGI. You will receive a payment confirmation screen. You may print this screen for your records.