Renewing your plates on autopay (monthly)

You may renew your autopay plates online with MySGI. Note that you can not use MySGI to change your funds available date for an existing registration or add new Autopay contracts.

To Renew Your Plates on AutoPay:

  1. Login to MySGI.
  2. Click My Vehicles on the top bar, and then click Renew my registration under the Transactions header.

  3. Click the radio button next to the plate of the vehicle that you would like to renew. Click Submit to begin renewing the vehicle.
  4. Review the vehicle information and ensure the right vehicle has been selected. If so, click the checkbox next to "I confirm my registration and vehicle information is correct. If a change is required to the registration or vehicle information, please visit a motor licence issuer."  If necessary, confirm that the plate you are renewing is still in your posession by clicking the "Yes" radio button under Plate Status. Fill out the registration eligibility questions and click Continue.
  5. You will now be brought to the fees screen. Click the AutoPay (Continuous) radio button. Select your preferred funds available date from the "Funds Available Day" dropdown. This is the date that the registration cost will be withdrawn from your bank account. Select the radio button next to the bank account you would like to use. Click the checkbox next to "I understand the down payment will be withdrawn from my bank account tonight.", then click submit.